Masturbation, Autism and Learning Disabilities Course

We receive numerous requests for support and guidance on this issue from practitioners working with autistic people and/or people with learning disabilities. We have developed this unique and practical training course for professionals.

The aim of this course is to support practitioners, to enable clients to masturbate safely and effectively if they so choose.

Open course: 26th October 2023 delivered online

Contact us for private course bookings - £1,200 for up to 14 participants

A very useful course for those working with sexualised behaviour or Learning Disability.

A very informative course that has supported our RSE curriculum development and policy development. 

Email Mel Gadd for more information 

Masturbation, Autism and Learning Disabilities; A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Mel Gadd 2021, JKP

Intimate self-touch and masturbation can pose many difficulties for people with learning disabilities and/or on the autistic spectrum, particularly when it happens in public settings. This frank and thorough guide looks at societal, cultural and religious views of masturbation, how teens develop into sexual beings, the right to be sexual, how to masturbate, appropriate public and private behaviour, professional responsibilities and boundaries, and legal aspects of this topic. It also contains good practice responses providing examples of the issues and solutions in action.